Question about PMDD style EI dosing


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Mar 25, 2010
Grand Forks, ND
Hi Tom,

In the post regarding PMDD sytle EI dosing the suggested iron supplement is written as ETPA...i'm guessing this is a typo and you meant EDTA as a chelator. Am i correct? I'm purchasing dry ferts for the first time and am looking at they have 13% iron EDTA.

Secondly, I plan on using a dosing pump to dose ferts daily. Problem is it doses in 50 ml amounts and the solution posted is to be dosed in 12ml amounts. Is it alright if i dilute the solution. For example adding 4 times the water since 50 is roughly 4 times 12? or better yet reducing the amount added of each compound by 4 times so that in the 1 liter solution 50 ml is roughly the same as the suggested 12 ml? Do you see any problems with this reasoning?

As always thank you for your help,