Q about chloride


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Jan 29, 2005
So I bought myself a TDS meter and measured my 75g high light CO2 injected tank. This was a shocker. I almost fainted when the level read in at 820ppm. I know this is because I add high levels of calcium to my tank at 3tbs weekly after a 50% WC. I've tried lowering the dosing but it just causes all sorts of twisty leave problems and dying snails.

I've been thinking recently that the Cl levels in my tank must be astronomical and have been wondering if this can cause any problems with certain plants? In general, my plants are doing awesome and algae is not a problem. I also keep CO2, K, NO3 and PO4 in good shape. However, certain plants seem to stagger a bit, mainly rotala macranda and ludwigia glandulosa. I know these are quite demanding plants but I can grow ammania, stellata, purple cabomba and glosso no probs.

Anyway, the whole point of my ramblings is that I may switch over to your GH booster or Equilibrium since neither of these contain Cl. What are your thoughts on this?