Purigen spawned Planaria?


Oct 3, 2017
I recently recharged/regenerated a 100 mL bag of Purigen, I did as directed by Seachem following all the correct ratios and durations. After I finished with the process I wasn't quite ready to put the Purigen back into by canister filter so I put it in a glass container with a lid and filled the container with water that had been treated with either Neutral Regulator or Prime (I don’t remember which specifically).

I left it in a dark area for about a week or two and when I came back I examined the glass container and found that it was completely stacked with what I could only assume was Planaria/Detritus Worms…

The Purigen was as white as it was after I bleached it and had no additional coloring or browning and I did take extra care to make sure that when I rinsed the bag both prior as well as after bleaching, to make sure that if there was any organic matter that got inside of the bag that I washed it away.

I am just at a loss of explication of what could have caused this. Can anyone fill me in, I imagine that I’m not the only person who has experienced something like this.

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