Proper dosing with 10% Fe Chelate?

SpongeBob SquarePlants

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Dec 11, 2006
I decided to try adding some Greg Watson 10% Fe Chelate to my dosing regime. I have been using Seachem Iron but there is only one local store here that carries it and they are now selling for $11 for the 250ml bottle. :mad:

Anyway, I ordered 1 bag which was 1/2 pound of Fe Chelate and mixed it with approximately 2 liters of water in a 1 gallon bottle. To my surprise the solution started to fizzle violently. After about 10-15 minutes it calmed down and I was able to secure a lid on it without the pressure blowing the top off the bottle.

I noticed when I put the bottle away alot of the Fe settled on the bottom which is fine, but if I shake the bottle it did start another reaction and begin to build up pressure. Is this what everyone else does?

Also the Fe seems to be much more concentrated than Seachem, what would be the suggested dosing of Fe chelate for a 130g (some what) heavily planted tank?

My EI dosing info:
130g tank with 3.0wpg lighting (10hrs/day)
Co2 at 30-40ppm (11hrs/day)

Plantex CSM+B & TMG mixed for Micro
1.5 tsp Potassium Nitrate
0.5 tsp Potassium Phosphate
2.0 tsp Barr's GH Booster
20ml Seachem Iron (daily)
20ml Seachem Excel (every other day)

I have had great success with the above setup= healthy plants, happy fish and no algae troubles. I'm always nervous to change anything once its been working so well I don't want to float any fish or have an algea revolution.



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Jan 28, 2007
why Excel and CO2? I was under the impression that only one or the other was needed and that of the two CO2 is the better source of Carbon.