Problems ordering a rimless tank! please help me out. suck.


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Apr 29, 2008
Ok, here goes...
I placed an order with for a 24x24x24 rimless starphire cube with stand. Last weekend I went to pick the tank up only to find out that the 3 holes I asked to be drilled at the bottom were drilled on the back panel at the top! Needless to say, I didnt take the tank, but took the stand, thinking that would get the tank when they have it fixed or make a new one. Yesterday I smoke to one of the people there, and there was no problem with getting me a replacement, but she had to check for paperwork - I was told I would get a phone call, but no phone call came. Today, I phoned them - several times, because the right person wasnt avaliable, then when she finally did talk to me, she told me she checked my order and one the drawing I sent of where the bulkheads should be it didnt say bottom panel. When I made my order, I spoke with the owner, explained that I wanted the bulkheads at the bottom of the tank and he asked me to send him a picture of how I wanted them spaced - which I did, he did see the picture and sent me an invoice - everything was very clear to both of us.
So, she tells me that she will refund the money for the tank, minus the stand and delivery, and advises that I go shopping elsewhere, because they now have a tank that they have no use for!
Worse than that, when I tried to explain that I faxed what I was asked for - a layout of the bulkhead spacing - I was told "If you were told to jump off a bridge, would you?" I didnt get it, so she told me "well, you werent helpful to us with the drawing you sent, so we made it the best we could!!!?!!" I couldnt believe what she was saying. How about calling me if they werent clear on something.
This is the worst customer care ever. I mean, I ordered a stand to fit this tank, paid for it, paid for delivery, went to get the tank and stand, only to be stuck with no tank and a useless stand, and no other place to order a rimless tank from. Very frustrating. Nevermind the fact that I spent a month waiting for the tank, and this is not my first purchase with them. I expressed my frustration and was told that the owner - Tom, will call me tomorrow. I really hope he sees things my way.
I really would like to know what other places could make a tank like that - a starphire rimless, at a reasonable price. classcages was at 375+25 for each hole, so 450.

Any kind of help would be appreciated, I know about

Thanks alot,


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Jan 24, 2005
Sacramento, CA
What part of the country do you live in? There is a tank builder in the Los Angeles area that made a good tank for Tom at a reasonable price, with quality better than Glasscages.


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Apr 29, 2008
I wish

I wish I was on the West coast, alot of tank builders there, unfortunately, I live in NJ, near Philly.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Yes, just talk with the guy Tom, the gal gets weird if hassled at all. Some folks rub her the wrong way, but there's not much excuse and she's tried to blame the customer for issues with the tanks in the past, myself included. You can read more on other forums about it. Yes, the tanks are cheap, and heavy duty, but .........

Lemar also makes nice tanks that the LFS's can purchase directly.
Check reef sites also for builders in the NY/NJ area.

Seems like the order was pretty clear to you and Tom, and you have a fax of the holes and location, there should be no issue. If she is clueless, that's just the method she responses, defensively, however, that's very bad customer service.

This ain't your bratty little kid talking back, this is a paying customer and your lively hood.

I do with my personal customers and did for 12 years as meat cutter.
Whatever they want.

How the tank got to you with side holes is beyond me, but it's clear it is not your fault. I asked for the same thing and had no issue and that was without the fax order.

Just clear talk on the phone, 2" from each corner on the bottom of the tank.
I guess that gal blames everyone but herself anytime there's an issue.
Lord knows they could never be wrong or messed anything up.

Seems to me she got it wrong and when Tom wrote the note, she scrambled it and re wrote it wrong when she copied to the actual invoice order.

That's about the only way it seems this could have happened, that or they had an extra sitting there from a past mistake or mixed up two separate orders.

I'm not sure of any other way unless Tom did not write it down and then re wrote the order the following day and got things scrambled. Maybe he will not blame you;)

In any event, do not deal with her at all, deal with the owner himself and see if he can get you what you want. Never give up because one person is giving you a hard time, keep going to the top and if that does not work, toss a jar of fleas on them.

As long as you can get your $ back, I think you ought to go with the other option(Lee mar).

It will cost more but you will be pleased.

Tom Barr


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Apr 29, 2008
The girl I mentioned was Beth, Toms wife, I didnt want to mention any names, not that it matters.
There are 3 people running the company, Tom, his wife and their son David. Other than that, there are a bunch of illegally employed mexicans doing the tank building, none of them speak english.
I didnt try pissing anyone off, I was very polite and know how to talk to people.
What business sense is there for them to refund my money and NOT making a tank?>!! they can keep my money and make another tank and still make money on this... It makes no sense. I think the only thing they are afraid of is them making another tank and then me filing a chargeback - given their history I would imagine some people have done so.

Filing a chargeback with this company is never a problem, so I am not concerned about my money. However, I had made plans for a setup with this tank in mind, exactly because I could get it cheap from classcages, otherwise, I could get a different sized tank for less money. And of course, waiting over a month, buying everything I need and having that stuff lying around the house isnt the most convenient situation either.

Who is lee mar?

Unfortunately, the only tank builders I have found so far are in Canada, and there is one place in NYC, but they take 8 weeks to make the tank... and they wanted to use 10 or 8mm glass, which shouldnt be used on a rimless tank like this one, though apperantly they have a high tech facility and do curved glass tanks as well.

If anybody knows anyone who will make a custom tank, on this coast, let me know please.