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Problem With Algea By Using Ei.please Help!

Discussion in 'Algae Control' started by Stefan35, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Stefan35

    Stefan35 New Member

    Mar 18, 2019
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    Local Time:
    12:39 PM
    Hello All.
    My aquarium 540l {water 370-400l] 150x60x60
    Dosing Ei index micro and macro 3x times a week{Every sunday 50% water change] - Only RO water { no added equlibrium booster] - Using 35 kg Seryiu Stones!

    Aquarium equipment:
    Lights 6x80w T5 tubes Ati sunpower unit {lighting 8 hours each day] lights 55 cm above the water level.
    Co2 from presurize bootle 2h on before lights on , 1h of before lights goes of!
    Tropica soil = tropica ferts sand = Npk tablets in a substrate aded.
    Filter 2x Oase Biomaster thermo 600 ..Flow 1250l/h { media Bio media Eheim,Seachem purigen 6x,Seachem matrix,Eheim bio balls] ,connected to the lilly pipe and skimmer.
    First filter is coonect to the external reactor with bio media in it so real flow of the filter is propably arround 500l/h
    will have to add adjustable flow external pump connect to the filter {remove it the impeller] as the reactor have problem disolving all co2 and is filled up with air on the top and boobles comming out from the lilly pipe outlet.
    Second filter real flow 600l/h its full of media.
    Im using as well 2x power head 2000l/h as i hjave some death spots in a tank .
    Skimmer flow 250l/h
    All together is arround 5300l/h
    2x chihiros doctor
    Dosing as i calculate in a butterfly calculator for 370l water value


    Kno3 - Not doosing constantly 5ppm of No3 in a RO water

    Kh2po4 - solution of 500ml RO water + 3.31g dosing 80ml 3x times a week.
    Po4= 1.0ppm

    Mg2so47h2o - solution of 500ml RO water + 117,25g dosing 40ml 3x times a week

    K2so4 - Solution of 500ml RO water + 51,53g dosing 80ml 3x times a week.
    K= 10ppm

    CSM+B Solution of 500ml RO water + 10g dosing 80ml 3x times a week

    FE 13% chelated EDTTA solution of 500ml Ro water + 10g doosing 80ml 3x times a week.
    Fe= 0.56ppm

    Fighting still with some algea and im completely lost as i dont know what im doing wrong and where can be a problem.

    Algea i have is

    Cladophora On HC
    Oedogonium on blyxa japonica
    GSA on front glasses but not much.

    My plants are suffering
    Reinieckii mini holes in a leaves and GSA or green algea

    Im asking you ALL as you are much more experience then my for a HELP what i should change to have it eventualy nice tank without or less algea PLEASE!!!

    every week im measuring water parameters

    The parameters they are:
    NH4-0-0.2ppm { its hard to judge the colour} Using API freswater test kit]
    PO4-is 0ppm {now on sunday] Dosing 0.5ppm 3x times a week MO,TUE,FRI.
    GH-8 { would like to get under 6 but dont know how as the seryiu stones increase GH]
    PH- 6.6

    Any Tips guys PLEASE!

    Sorry for the long story i try it put as many information as i know!





    #1 Stefan35, Aug 18, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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