Pressurized CO2


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May 7, 2006
I would like to maybe switch to pressurized CO2 to elminitate hassles of unstable CO2 with my DIY CO2 kit. Where would I go about acquiring the materials needed. What would I need and about how much would it cost me? Thanks for the responses.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Pressurized CO2

I got a regulator for 20-30$ off ebay, needel valves can be had for 15-35$ depending on what you want to use/pay, same with the regulators, I like Victor Reg;s they are 110$ or so new here. But they are the best around.
Gas tanks run 40-70$ for 10-20lbs at fire extingusher places, Ice and micro brew supply places, reactors can be done DIY for a few$$.

But you can certainly do things cheaper if you look around and local to your local plants club if there are any locally.

Tom Barr


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Apr 29, 2006
Wakefield, NH
Re: Pressurized CO2

I recently took the lazy but more expensive route, by purchasing everything from an online aquarium supply place. I spent a total of $400 for a 5lb bottle, regulator, solenoid valve, bubble counter, and pH controller.

I know I could have gotten everything much cheaper buying it as mentioned by Tom, but I was unsure of what to buy seperately, so I went with the complete marked up package where someone else had already done all the thinking as far as which devices will connect up to and work with others.

Just thought I'd provide an upper end to the pricing for you so that you would have a good range to work with.

The up side is that now I am somewhat familiar with the devices and now know what to look for should I ever need to buy another system, and would feel comfortable buying the parts cheaper individually.