Pressurized CO2 already, treating with Excel to get atop BBA....


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Jun 26, 2008
Albany, California
After a recent big rescaping and a H2O2 treatment of all driftwood and the trimming of affected leaves I am seeing some small evidence of BBA returning. I am getting things balanced in terms of ferts and CO2 and am hopeful long-term of getting rid of it, or at least strong control over it. In the meantime, as an attempt to keep it in check and kill off the small remnants of the BBA, I'm thinking to also dose some excel a couple times a week for a couple weeks.

How will this overall affect the CO2 in my tank since I am already using pressurized CO2 and have myself at 30ppm as far as I can tell? Will this be additive and put the CO2 over the top? Is this a bad idea overall? Or can I do it and compensate by perhaps creating some extra surface rippling to bring in more O2?


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Jan 24, 2005
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Excel is not CO2, so you can add as much as the dosing instructions say you can without affecting the fish. Just keep in mind that a few plants can't tolerate Excel - Anacharis and, to a lesser extent, Vals, for example. Any time you overdose with Excel you risk some problems, but at the dosage recommended on the bottle there should be no problems.