Power Heads


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Mar 17, 2010
Port Orchard, WA
Hello, Everyone.

I have a standard 10g tank that is two months into a dry start. I will be starting a sep' thread regarding the plants in it after this one.

I went researching power heads today and found too many to count. I don't have experience with them, other than the two I inherited. They work okay, I suppose. However, I found that the outlet for them both was an odd shape, probably meant to fit with whatever they were originally sold with. With some effort I managed to modify one with PVC to create a spray bar for a 60g tank. This works well, but it was bulky and a pain in the rear-end.

Ultimately, I want something cost effective and easily modified for spray bars. The outlet should be something round that I can add a barbed adapter to, or slide a common size poly tube over, etc. If they make them with standard threading, that'd be even better. I would love to be able to keep it out of the tank; modifying the intake as well as the outlet, if need be. I bet there is something out there that meets my requirements. The problem is that I don't know where to begin looking.

If any of you have experience modifying power heads with spray bars and such, I would love your recommendations. Pictures of existing equipment are especially helpful, but all advice is welcome.



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Jan 15, 2009
The smaller of the Hagen powerheads or the mini/maxijets should work. Most of your usual powerheads have the round output. Prop pumps are popular too if you don't want to go the spray bar route. I've been reasonably happy with my Seio 320 prop pump but that's bit too much for a 10 gallon although a koralia nano may also work but is also on the high side for current although you could get creative by bouncing the flow off something or aiming directly into a thick bunch of plants first or blocking off the intake a little.