Pottasium Bicarbonate


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Jan 15, 2009
Those roomba guys make an underwater mine wrecking robot for the navy. You might be able to glue some scissors on that. I think it wrecks the mines by blowing itself up, so that might not be the most productive thing to have in your tank. On the other hand, if you like to rescape a lot you'll be halfway there. :)


travis;26380 said:
Oh, that sounds like something I would really be interested in having. Can I set it to top and replant, or does it only do pruning? My early experiments with automated pruning devices only ended in disaster: the silicone-sealed Roomba, augmented with scissors and suction cup wheels, left a wake of destruction in my tank and soon became wedged behind some driftwood and ended up gnawing its way through my filter intake pipe right before it shorted out and electrocuted my fish. I'm glad someone has finally gotten it figured out ;)