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Potassium And Iron Deficiency?

Discussion in 'General Plant Topics' started by rs18alpha, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. rs18alpha

    rs18alpha Subscriber

    Feb 3, 2017
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    2:42 PM
    I'm dosing 7.5ppm NO3 - 1.7ppm K from KH2PO4 - 1.9ppm K from K2SO4
    0.2 ppm Fe from CSM+B
    40 galB med light CO2
    I'm very close to having everything perfect in my tank..

    The plants in question are my Anubias.
    I'm seeing small holes with yellow around the edges of the holes.
    Also some of the new leaves are pail yellow.

    I have DTPA that I could use to increase the Iron.
    I don't know how much I should use for each dose??

    If I need to increase the Potassium, I don't know which fert I should use??

    The rest of the plants are doing fine.

    As always, thanks for the help!!
  2. Dennis Singh

    Dennis Singh SynKing!

    May 5, 2013
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    Local Time:
    6:42 AM
    Anubias, like buce are just prone to melting/having holes/tearing away, likely your adding too much light. Especially if it was transferred over recently from another tank or from emmersed state or just a change of water conditions.
    Oursaunougat likes this.
  3. Oursaunougat

    Oursaunougat Member

    Nov 11, 2017
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    Local Time:
    3:42 PM
    Same problem to my anubia, new leave are clean but much more little .

    Too much light Sound good.

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