Poor Plant Growth


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Oct 25, 2019
Hi everyone,
My name is lorraine nice to meet you all
I have a 200litre freshwater tank. It’s been setup 18 months, fully cycled.
I run a JBL E1901 canister filter
A 9watt uv steriliser.
I have 22 fish, community sorts.
I have some plants easy growers
I dose liquid carbon each day as on the bottle. I use root tabs because it was not initially going to be a planted tank so I have gravel substrate (not ideal)
I dose easylife pro as on bottle.
My lights are Led 30 watt
I bought a Co2 nano kit to give the gas a go.
Here’s the deal we live in an area where we have bad power outages and I don’t want to go into too much detail but timed Co2 with a solenoid is not an option for me.
I just want to be able to grow some plants without Co2 injection.
Sorry if it’s the most confusing post ever but I’m just at a loss now. I keep getting greenspot algae on the leaves and glass, the lights are on from 4 to 11 and I get a weird purple brown algae on the leaves also
Any help would be greatly appreciated, before I give up really.
See photos




Aku sakana

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Mar 26, 2019
Not an expert. .... but will try
The plants you have don't need co2 or liquid fertilizer
Do a 50% water change
Stop adding fertilizer and don't use co2
Cut your lights back to 7 hours a day.
Wait a few weeks doing nothing but water changes.
Lots of plants will grow fine with root tabs and when your tank really starts to fill out then add 1/4 fertilizer .
Add hygrophila, pogostemon, ludwigia, comboda , wisteria and a red dwarf echinodorus/red lotus.
If you can't see the back of your tank, maybe add co2 then .
Good luck, have fun

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