PMDD Premix + Mono Potassium Phosphate Dosage for 46 Gallon medium planted tank


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Jan 5, 2009
Washington, DC
anshuman said:
wow there is not much of a choice.
...okay, obviously i will have to reread everything you wrong and re-read again.
Always ;)
VaughnH knows cheap when he sees it. Options and such. Happy to stay in touch, anshuman. If I can make it, Mumbai for dinner. How is Salsette Island?


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Dec 13, 2009
Mumbai India

Using this PMDD dosing method, My 1 tank has flourished even in this deadly summer heat-wave here, its avg. 90F outside in noon. I have installed DIY CPU Cooler fans on tank.

Goldfish tank plants didn't survive due to heat but the Killifish tank has bloosmed, eg . Riccia from 2"x3" patch has now grown into 6"x12" circular thick patch ,floating island.

Will post video update soon.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
FYI, CA is nasty hot as well, but cool wet winters.
It gets 110F here most summers a few days every year and plenty of 100F+ days. Unlike India, it's fairly dry during this time, only humid during winter, and it cools off to about 60F at night.
I've had little issue except with getting high % brood from CRS, RCS still breed like mad.
CRS have made it, but could do much better if it was cooler water.

Finding particularl ferts in India should not be an issue it would seem, many farms and agriculture promotion via the government.
It's finding where to look and a good price for it, that's the trick.

The only way one friend from old USSR could get a UV was a DIY 2 meter version because there was no way to import the smaller western Europe supplies, UV's etc.
So the only parts where a 200cm long bulb and ballast.

Ahhh..........the good old days.
Even here, we still are haggling and finding cheaper alternatives for traces, soils, Excel, CO2 regulators needle valves, rimless aquariums, stands etc.

Tom Barr