Plumbing PVC quick connects?


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hi All,

I want to install an OC filter in line with my system.

I already have a sump and want to plumb the OC in-line with the current setup.

I would like to use PVC pipe/fittings to do this and as little flex hose as possible.

Bad thing is that the sump pump is at one end of the cabinet due to the sump placement (cannot move it either) and the OC would be on the other end about 5-6' away.

However, I would like to be able to disconnect this if necessary for maintenance/whateve so do not want to permanently do this.

Current flow is as follows:

1800 gph main sump pump directly connected to ball valve which in turn is directly connected to the check valve. Then a 6" flex hose to a T fitting and then return to tank. All 1' diameter except AFTER the T, which is 3/4".

New desired flow:

As above up to and including the check valve.

I then want to connect a PVC elbow to the check valve and then use 1" PVC pipe across the cabinet to the OC. This length would be about 4 to 5'.

From the OC to the Mazzei and then to the dual returns.

Or, from the pump to a T and then separate the Mazzei and OC and then merge them back before the return, like Tom did on the Starfire 180? The OC and Mazzei would also have a ball valve for flow contol.

So would have 1' up to the input of the OC and/or Mazzei. Then 3/4 from the OC and/or Mazzei and back to the tank.

1. Do you think the 1800 gph Mag drive can handle this? Or would all of this length and the new OC require a larger (sigh more expensive pump)? It would be a long trip for the water across the tank and then up and driving both the OC and the 585 Mazzei.

The pump delivers about 1200-1300 gph at the tank head height per their specs.

2. I have also given thought to buying a new pump (like an Iwaki?) that sits OUTSIDE the sump and then drill and use bulkheads into the sump directly. Is this easy to do, or should I buy a new pre-drilled sump? My sump was store bought so I assume it is some sort of plastic and can be drilled.

3. Is the OC 340 good enough for the 180 gal?

However, is the ONLY sump I have, so can't put it out of commission if I mess it up LOL.

Appreciate any and all thoughts.

Thanks in advance.