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Please review my EI dosing schedule

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plant Fertilization' started by pleco4me, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. pleco4me

    pleco4me Junior Poster

    Nov 7, 2010
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    2:32 AM
    The tank is 950L (240G) heavily planted with pressurised co2, relatively high t5 and LED lighting and eco complete substrate with laterite and marble chip base.

    Current dosing schedule (3x weekly)
    3 tsp KNO3
    1/2 tsp KH2PO4
    4 tsp K2SO4
    4 tsp MgSO4
    Rexolin trace element mix - 40g in 250mL then dosing 5mL daily
    40% w/c weekly

    Does this sound like a reasonable schedule? I checked it against wet's calculator and it seemed ok, just wanted to confirm.

  2. Biollante

    Biollante Lifetime Charter Member
    Lifetime Member

    Jun 21, 2009
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    2:32 AM
    Not Bad, A Bit High

    Hi Craig,

    It seems to me you can back off some of the dosing if you wish.

    If you have a water quality report or share where you live, it helps. I am not familiar with Rexolin trace element mix.

    • I am assuming that 950-liters are not the net volume.
    • I do not see the need for the Potassium sulfate.
      • You are getting plenty of K[SUP]+[/SUP] otherwise
      • You do not need additional sulfate
    • I am assuming the MgSO[SUB]4[/SUB], is Epsom salt MgSO[SUB]4[/SUB]•7H[SUB]2[/SUB]O
      • This is where a water report helps
      • What are you trying to accomplish with the Mg?

    I think dosing three times a week:

    • 2 teaspoon KNO[SUB]3[/SUB]
    • ⅛ teaspoon KH[SUB]2[/SUB]PO[SUB]4[/SUB]
    • 1¾ teaspoon Epsom salt

    I suspect your Rexolin trace element mix is similarly high, but I have not calculated that yet.

    Generally your current dosing will do no harm, it just isn’t doing you any extra good.


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