please help with my hygro.......


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Jul 27, 2007
i have 29g tank 5 month old, 4w/g light, co2 tank, am using the EI , here is my dosing:
50% water change on sundays
iron(plantex and flourish trace) sun,tue,thr
.5 tab kNO3 ,.5 tab k, 1/16 po4 mon, wed , fri

over the last month i have been trying to finde out what am doing wrong, i noticed the plants is no pearling as much, co2 on target with co2 cheker and 4kh.
someone suggested water circulation, i added a pump but nothing happened.
i did check my N level and was too high , po4 also was on the high side, the N usually drops fast if i miss a does, so i did 50% water change, it went down to the 20 range and over the last week i have been testing daily and its not going anywhere,( seachum and hagen kit both been calibrated).

1 month before that i noteced spots on my hygro see pics

i thought its the co2 i did go all the way to the yellow side for 3 weeks but nothing changed , ph was down to 5.8 from 7.1
also a stunted young leaves on my Alternanthera Reineckii rosaefolia.

am not sure what the plants is looking for, the only thing am not adding is Gh booster
ca level is 23 according to the the water company is 23ppm.
here is my tank
pleas help me , i dont know what else to do.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
First, prune that tank!
Then clean good and dose as before.

See if you have this issue after that.
40-50% of that biomass needs removed.

when you have that dense of growth, flow is greatly reduced, that means less nutrients/CO2 get mixed.

So with 1/2 that biomass, you have far better nutrient supply, lighting etc
, CO2 dispersion etc

Tom Barr