Please help choosing CO2 equipment


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Jul 19, 2009
SK, Canada
I'm looking to buy my CO2 equipment on Ebay (prices seem good), unless someone can direct me to an online Canadian supplier with good prices.

From reading a bunch it seems like the Azoo regulator and solenoid is the way to go, but I'm a bit confused which needle valve to go with. I think people have been complaining about the Azoo needle valve. I've also heard that it may be wise to purchase a cylinder from the place where I will refill it as some vendors don't like to refill containers they didn't sell. Any thoughts?

I think I need a cylinder, regulator, solenoid, needle valve, bubble counter, drop checker, and a diffuser. Anything else? Now, keeping cost in mind (it's only for a 20 gallon aquarium), what would you choose for the different pieces as the best bang for the buck?

OR...instead of messing around with international orders, I have a source nearby where I can get a JBJ complete set including ceramis diffuser, drop checker, and bubble counter for a reasonable price of CAD$215 including a filled cylinder. Should I just go with that? I'm just worried about warranty issues, and having to send it to JBJ instead of just the vendor.

Also, what is the difference between these two Azoo regulators? They look awfully different, which one is better/more suitable?



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May 9, 2009
The two gas supply places I use never even blink at my cylinder and I bought it online. They just check the inspection date and fill it up. In USA we need to have the cylinder inspected every 5 years. It cost me about US$25 for inspection/certicication and about $11 for a fill-up. This a 5lb aluminum cylinder.

As far as equipment sources, don't rule out home-brew and misc. beer or restaurant supply places. Most kegerators use the same CO2 equipment we use in our hobby.