For Sale: Plants Trimming Package

Steve Tousignant

New Member
Aug 24, 2018

What is shown in the picture is approximately half of what will be shipped... actual shipped quantities are listed in offering. The photo is to represent the size of trimming sent. USPS flat rate priority box. Plants shipped rolled in wet paper towel and bag with air.

Top row, left to right:
- 10 x Ammania capetellata
- 4 x Limnophilia aromatica 'mini'
- 4 x Hygro pinatifidia
- 8 x Hygro difformis.

Middle row, left to right:
- 20 x Ludwigia mini red
- 6 x bacopa
- 2 x golf ball of 'spikey' moss

Bottom row, left to right:
- 2 x small handfuls of frogbit.
- 2 x large golf ball of what I think is 'peacock' moss. It was a hitchhiker on some other plants, so I'm not 100% sure. Please note, I'm not guaranteeing what moss this is, but it's cool looking. I've added a picture of it in my tank before removing it for this sale.

Im also tossing in 2 x moss ledges, and a golf ball portion of submerged grown Dwarf Hair Grass 'belem'.

All plants, except frogbit, are grown in high tech with CO2 and fertilizers. Plants are free of all algaes and ready to be planted. Tank has a healthy population of friendly bladder snails.

Plants sent via USPS flat rate priority box, for free! Continental US only. Payment recieved by 12:00 pm will be shipped same day. I'll send a picture of the receipt when I drop them off.

Thanks everyone for looking, enjoy!