Plants melting , need help !!!


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Aug 4, 2022

I recently set up my 60p with dark start for three week and planted it, it’s been 4 weeks now. I am facing melting issues with some of my plants in the tank. Plants melted in the first week and I thought it was due to Inital ammonia from ADA Amazonia v2, plants recovered after the melt and was growing well for 2 weeks and suddenly started to melt again. I am not sure what is causing the melt.
Plants affected : s.repens , glosso, Java fern trident, Bucephalandra. All my stem plants are unaffected.
Water parameters : Ammonia - 0 , Nitrite - 0 , Nitrates - 5ppm, ph - 6.8 .
Aquarium gear : chihiros wrgb2 (intensity 55%) for 6hrs, co2 inline 2hrs before lights on and off one hr before lights off. Filter sunsun 302.
Livestock: 11 ember tetra and some Bloody Mary shrimps with few Clithon snails.

I have been trying to get my GH up using shrimp king gh kh+ might the changes in Gh cause the issue ?.


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Jun 20, 2016
S. repens is a good indicator for this. Likely ammonia is still going out from your substrate ... affecting the plants which are more sensitive and then being converted by the bacteria in the filter so not easily detected. However plants are still exposed. Give it a little more time and keep up with the water changes. Remineralize as needed with GH and KH, preferably in a separate container before adding the water.