Plants in rockwool

Henry Hatch

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Aug 31, 2006
I just re did a 30 gallon tank with a flourite substrate. I thought the substrate was coarse so I planted a group of foregroune plants with a bit of rockwool attached. I separated the plants in the pots with the rockwool into small clumps with just enough rockwool to keep the roots in place. I buried them in the substrate. Is this a potential problem ? I know there may be hydroponic nutrients embedded in the rockwool.

BTW how dusty is flourite. I washed each 5lbs for at least 5 min and it was still dirty. I was able to clear the tank with a flocculent, but if I vacuum even lightly the tank gets very cloudy.



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Mar 27, 2008
Hey Henry, I don't know regarding the rockwool but regular flourite is a pain to clean. It is very dusty and does have a tendency to cloud the water when vacuuming. On the other hand Flourite Black sand isn't cloudy at all. I didn't even rinse the gravel and it barely had any impact on the water clarity when I filled my tank up. I think Flourite black is also similar in that it isn't very dusty.


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

I usually remove as much of the rock wool as possible.

While I have buried plants with this still attached, I have not found it to be any more beneficial IME.

If you do leave it in, don't do it for long and remember to dig it out....Not sure if entirely degrades, but I have found pieces months later.........

Yes, normal Flourite is very dirty. I had the red in my 180 for +3 yrs and it was always dusty......

I switched to the black flourite and is much better.............rinsed easily at first and have no issues with replanting/scaping.

Hope this helps.