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  1. We are after as many aquarium plant images that we can get, doing so will assist us in completing the aquarium plant database.
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  1. Phishless

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    4 - lobelia cardinalis $1 each
    5 - ammannia senegalensis $1 each
    20 nodes - Hydrocoytyle sibthorpioides
    6 - rotala nanjenshan
    9 - ludwigia repens
    10 - ludwigia brevipes
    4 - pogostemon pumilis
    4 - ranunculus inundatus

    Possible bladder/pond snails, I try to remove all.
    No algae present on these specimens.

    $33 shipped, if needed heat pack additional $1.50
    US lower 48 only.

    Plants coming from this tank.
    Trimmed upon purchase.

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