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Plants, Dry Ferts, Wet Ferts, CO2 Diffusers, Etc

Discussion in 'Trades, swaps, sales' started by PhilipS, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. PhilipS

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    May 10, 2014
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    For sale are fine pure fresh fertilizers.

    $6.00 Flat Rate Shipping Within USA (unless where noted)

    KNO3 Potassium Nitrate - $0.99/oz or $3.00/LB

    K2SO4 Potassium Sulphate - $0.99/oz or $3.00/LB

    MGSO4 Magnesium Sulphate - $0.99/oz or $3.00/LB

    KH2PO4 Mono Potassium Phosphate - $0.99/oz or $5.00/LB

    Plantex CSM+B - $0.99/oz or $13.00/LB

    Fe Iron Fertilizer 2oz Dropper Bottle $4.99

    Plant Growth Hormone 8oz Dropper Bottle $6.99 (Alternative to ADA Green Gain)

    NEW Do!Aqua Be Series Be Fine 200ml bottles $4.99

    NEW Do!Aqua Be Series Be Relax 200ml bottles $4.99

    NEW Fertilizer Dosing Bottles 500ml/1pint $4.99 shipped

    NEW Pipettes 5ml 10-Packs $4.99 shipped

    NEW CO2 Diffuser Music Glass 15D 15mm $6.99 shipped

    NEW CO2 Diffuser Music Glass 20D 20mm $6.99 shipped

    USED Up Aqua Inline CO2 Diffuser for Parts with replacement Ceramic Disc $10 shipped

    Wabi-Kusa balls 3-4" Diameter with Peacock Moss $20 shipped

    Rotala sp. ‘Colorata' $2.00 each

    All orders are shipped with tracking number and packed well.

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