Planted Tank Nutrient Dosing Calculator Question

Mark Cagno

New Member
Dec 27, 2020
New Jersey
Sorry...I have a newbie question that I'm sure is a silly one but I am a bit confused.

When I use the fert calculator for KNO3..... it gives an answer of how much K, N, & NO3.

If I'm trying to figure out how much Nitrogen is in my dosage...... do I just take the amount of N in the result or do I have to add the N03 amount as well?

For Example When I input
20 Gallon
check a solution
1000 ml container size
dose size of 62 ml (which I think is the same as 62 grams)
Result of my dose
1 ml dose

The result shows:
No3 = .68
N = .15
K = .43

I understand that there is .43ppm of Potassium from the K in the KN03....
I understand that the Nitrogen is .15ppm

I am not sure whether I have to add anything in the nitirgen calculation for the NO3 result. Do I add the .68ppm to the .15ppm? Do I take 22.6% of the N03 result and add it to the N? Do I ignore the N03 number as it is already factored in the N result?

Sorry for this...I would think I could figure it out but to me it seems like .15ppm for this much for this dosage is too low yet to me +.15+.68=.83ppm seems to high for this dosage.

But...I am neither a chemist nor a mathematician by any means. Appreciate any help.