Plant Plan Of Dutch Aquarium

Toni Grappa

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Apr 28, 2020
Hello everyone,

I am currently working on the installation of Dutch aquariums or in a first step "only" on the planning of such a tank. I bought some (few) books on the subject, but what really impressed (and intimidated) me is the article by Pikez in this forum.

The topic is quite complex and I tried to get a feeling for how such a tank can or must be built, because what wants to be a "real Dutch aquarium" must follow some rules. First there is the third rule or alternatively the golden section for the construction. One plant should be used per 10 cm aquarium length. My tank is 100 cm long, so make 10 plants or 10 plant groups, because no plant should be used twice. Then there are the eye-catching points (front or back right and left) at the intersections of the baselines. I decided to use 2, because more points do not make sense in the small basin. The last point is the famous "Leidener street", which is typical for this kind of aquarium and is used in most tanks. It usually forms a half S-shape and the uppermost point should be hidden behind another plant. When we talk about a street, we mean an avenue or a canal lined with trees.

At first I understand the task purely graphically or as a 3D puzzle. My playground is an open source 3D program (Blender).
I have created a plant plan. But it remains "work in progress" until I start with the concrete implementation. Ideally, things will go the way I want them to, but whether my wish will come true, is uncertain. That's why there are (probably) changes in the running tank for the composition of the plant groups. The only difference is: a 3d plan can be changed quickly, changes in the tank are more complex.

I am aware, that the construction of a Dutch aquarium should be reserved for experienced aquarists (which I am not). But I live on the border with Holland and Dutch flowers and dutch culture are very present in our region. Therefore it is obvious for me to deal with this topic, even if it may seem a bit "megalomaniac".
p.s. Sorry for my bad english.

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