Plant growth habits

Matan Golan

Junior Poster
Dec 14, 2006
Hi everyone,
I moved my tank to a different location and my plants changed their growth habits: instead of growing vertically (up) they started to spread horizontally. The phenomenon is most noticeable in the H. micranthemoides and the L. arcuata.
The only thing that changed, as far as I can tell, is the temperature, that is lower in the new location.
I find the horizontal growth much better and I was wondering if anyone had the same experience or has found any other cause for this change.
Thanks a lot,


Plant Guru Team
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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hi Matan,

Many plants grow sideways like this after some time in the tank such as H. difformis as they get more settled in....

Could it be coincidence that they started this growth 'after the move' because they were acclimated?

How much lower a temp are we talking about?

No other changes at all????

Then I turn it over to the experts.........