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Jul 6, 2009
The Netherlands
Hi Bart,

Welcome on the Barrreport. Have a look around, I'm sure you can find some nice and useful topics in forums as the "General Plant Topics", "CO2 and aquatic plant fertilization" and topics like "the Estimative Index".

Groeten uit Den Haag ;)

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Bartl;52958 said:
Dear Tom Barr,
I used one of your pictures ,that I became from Herman van Amelsvoord in The Hague, on my website: http://www.bart-laurens.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=97&Itemid=101I also live in The Netherlands, Zoetermeer.
I hope you do appreciate my website.
With kind regrds, Bart.


It is a really nice useful plant for gardening. Tropica brought it back some years ago from Brazil. I was looking for a plant that was not uprooted for my 180 cm tank. I keep plecos and they dash and swim fast, often pulling up smaller foreground plants.
I wanted a more open look to the tank to highlight the nice piece of wood I found in a river. You have really nice well gardened aquariums. These are the types of planted tanks that initially got me interested in aquatic plants and gardening.
the methods where also what myself and others had initially used in the 1970-1980's until Dupla started selling high tech equipment.

From there, due mostly to cost and effective use of CO2, many in the USA started looking for more do it yourself(DIY) methods, which led to PMDD and then this led to EI which is about 90% PMDD.
This enahnced growing very much and solved most of the algae issues, but did nothing for gardening skills in the USA.
That is changing and has gotten much better in the last few years.

There are quite a few articles and even more on the newsletter(about 300-400 pages worth).
The theme here is often based around the big 3 parameters of growing plants: Light drives => CO2 demand which = > drives nutrient uptake.
I like to test very well if I chose to measure things so this means all 3 of these, with CO2 being the most difficult.
I've sent plants, wood, equipment to some Dutch aquarist.

It is nice to have people that care so much about planted aquariums.

Tom Barr