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Aug 22, 2007
I would like to ask permission from the MODS of this group to let me post this message in this website. Thank you so much in advance.

Dear Fellow Hobbyists,

The Philippine Arowana and Luo Han Society welcomes all interested aquarium hobbyists to join! PALHS was founded on August 18, 2002 and is now the largest aquarium society in the Philippines. The society is multi faceted with interests; from freshwater tropical fishes to marine fishes. To know more about the history of PALHS and its mission and vision, click ABOUT US!

WHY JOIN PALHS? There are many BENEFITS in becoming a PALHS member. Some of these benefits are…
* Meet fellow hobbyists and experts who share their knowledge and experience in the hobby;
* Discount at AFFILIATED LOCAL FISH STORES to members who produce the current society membership ID. (This discount can quickly add up to substantially more than the cost of your annual dues.);
* Enjoy EB (Eye Ball) meetings and presentations on interesting topics related to fish keeping;
* Door prizes and raffles during meetings;
* Network with other members for information and hard-to-find fish;
* Enjoy member forum benefits (such as the buy and sell forum for members, private forum, members’ gallery, etc.);
* Find out where the best buys are, the latest fish import or breed, equipment, technology, etc.;
* Free admission to all PALHS Events and Activities (shows, sports, party, etc.).

QUALIFICATIONS to become a member
* Must be an aquarium hobbyist.
* Must accomplish a membership form.
* Submit 1"x 1" photo or 2" x 2" digital photo (150 dpi).
* Full payment of membership dues.
* Must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the society.
* Must be approved by a majority of the Board of Trustees

1) INDIVIDUAL : Php500/year

2) Pet shop owners, retailers, wholesalers, importers, commercial traders can apply to become a Corporate Member for P1,500 a year. Follow the same steps but make sure to tell us something about your business. (Corporate members will have access to the buy and sell forum for commercial traders - Sa Loob Ng Tindahan)
October 25-28, 2007 at Glorietta Edsa Mall
incorporating 1st ABA International Betta Competition

"Give as much as you take or some day there won't be anything left..."

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Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
I'll help you folks out and plug the group!

Tom Barr
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