Performance difference?


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Jan 22, 2008
Vista, Ca
Im sure this has been asked a few times but i could not find it digging up all the old Mazzei posts.

I have a 60gal with DIY inline reactor, what would the benefits if any be if i switched over to a Mazzei?

Also what is a DIY mazzei?

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
All mazzei's are DIY.
At least at this point in time.

All venturi actuated CO2 reactors are also DIY, you can modify them to do so, but some DIY is still required.

Mazzei's are for higher pressure larger systems, for smaller systems, a DIY venturi(dual or single phase) reactor either hang on the tank or a sump version works well.

You can also do a Tee barbed fitting(see Aqua medic barbed adapter) and go non venturi but similar in effect in smaller tanks using this:

Reducing Tee Fittings by AquaMedic - AquaCave

This is good where you simply do not have enough pressure and wimpy pump on smaller tanks. The bubbles will get ripped up fairly well depending on the length of travel and catch points, obstructions in the return pipe etc.

Those are your 3-5 choices.

Hard to say at 60 gal, if you use a sump, I'd go the reactor venturi and feed it into the sump return pump, otherwise, the 4.95$ version for the AM method will do fine and no reduce the flow rate.

If you have added flow in the 60 gal anyway(say another 200-600gph powerhead), then a little lost flow through the filter will not matter.

Tom Barr