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Sep 23, 2007
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Hey all,

Just wanted to say that in addition to all the great advice I have gotten and implemented over time that have made my tank better, that having enough patience has been one of the most difficult at times.

As many of you may know due to the terabytes of data I have consumed lol, I have changed many things on my 180 since I joined this forum.

I think that patience and waiting for SUFFICIENT time to go by to assess these changes has been quite challenging at times.

However, I stuck with it, and made a pest of myself with questions, and learned what I could. The actual hands on experience has been well worth any gains or loss. Really. I know that is cliched to say experience is the best teacher, but it is true.

Thanks again to all who have helped me learn!

So, especially when it comes to diagnosing issues and experimenting with resolutions, give them 3-4 weeks or more to take effect and guage the response.

As an example, once I got my c02 and flow finally adequate 4-6 weeks ago, it took about 2 weeks for the plants to really respond, and 3-5 weeks for total reduction of BBA and BGA issues. That was along with manual removal.

I no longer get new BBA or BGA and only have a tiny bit left.......

When my NC started to clog, my BGA again appeared. Clean filter and BGA is gone!

So just keep at it and be patient. It takes time for things to get better just as it took time to get bad.

Plants need time to adjust to good conditions after being in sub-optimal ones.

Even healthy plants need acclimation time. I planted some nice gloss 2-3 weeks ago, and is just now starting to spread and send out runners. Got taller and fuller at first. Pearled within 15-30 minutes of planting, so felt conditions are good.

Same with Amazon chain sword. Took about 10-14 days to see my first runners, but now see them all over. Plants again grew taller/fuller first before spreading. Again saw pearling on these within 30 minutes of planting.


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Jan 23, 2005
See YME's tank, good idea is that the filter is partially the cause.

Clean them often and stay on top of everything, not just adding ferts.

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