Original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Been using for months on GSA on Silicone


Jun 1, 2015
Cap Coral, Florida
Just Figured i would share my experience with The Original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I have been using these for months now to clean silicone seems without any adverse reactions whatsoever and let me tell you they do a fantastic job.

The research i've done on these is they do not contain any chemicals whatsoever i keep a super small net handy in case a small particle breaks free i can quickly scoop it, i was always worried about damaging my silicone while cleaning pesky green spot algae off where the glass meets the silicone. I just break a small piece off and rub it where the silicone meets the the glass and it comes off with such ease.

I am in no way responsible for anything you do with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and some off brands and the kitchen bathroom ones contain chemicals it has to be the chemical free Original.

Before attempting i recommend you do some research for yourself but in my experience the only issue i have is a sparkling clean Aquarium without the damage to my silicone seals. Once the gsa gets under the silicone it will not remove it but since i have not needed to get near my silicone no algae gets under it.