ordering dry fertz


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Sep 6, 2008
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I have just bounced all over this site. Wish I had instant recall.
I want to order fertz tonight. I have heard that Greg Watson has been ill and in and out of touch. I found no site to buy his fertz. I did find Pfertz and PAF. PAF looks much less costly. Are there others site to buy fertz out there?
Since I have never added dry fertz and my tank is low light should I stay with the EI 40-60g dosage. I have seen that others have cut this dosage in half since it was designed for high light tanks. What are your thoughts?
I have been using Seachems plant fertz and they seem to have more types of fertz then EI uses or is this my mistake? I will continue to use excel for now. I do not want CO2. But have I am not brave enough to do the Low tech tank.
Are the fertz just added to the tank directly? I have read that they can be premixed in DI water. How long can the premixed solution last on the shelf opposed to the dry fertz themselves?

So is this what I need?
Trace or plantex csm+b or the like.

In one section it was mentioned K2S04 Do I need this also?
Is there enough iron in the above?
Also is there one of the fertz above that should never be added with another?


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Sep 23, 2007
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Here is a good link to buy your ferts.

Planted Aquarium Fertilizer

Here is an excellent thread on EI and fert routines:


You do not need the KS04 so forget that. You may want to grab a bag of the Barr GH booster as well. Add this after a WC.

If you dose DAILY ensure that you leave about 4-6 hours between dosing your MACROS N,P and your micros (plantex, TMG, etc). Or the iron may be lost. Excel is also good to use weekly.....

I do not dose extra Iron in my 180 with no issues...

Yes, you can add ferts directly to the tank. I just mix in a cup and stir it, then dump it in the tank. EZ and quick............

EI is designed to be flexible so you can easily start dosing at N% of the recommended and see how it goes. Keep in mind that you would really have to overdose to hurt anything, and the 50% water changes weekly will reset anyway.

You can always do 2-3 X weekly water changes at first if you are concerned. This will add more c02 to the water, remove waste, etc.

Dose after a WC. It may take several weeks/months before you figure out your dosing schedule. Be patient and change slowly so you can observe and change if necessary. 50% of EI is a good start.

Hope this helps.


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Sep 6, 2008
between Sac and Reno
I ordered the dry chemicals.
Potassium Nitrate
Mono Potassium Phosphate
CSM+B Plantex

Feels strange or like I am missing something. When I use all the seachem products there are seven bottles not including the Excel. As Tom say's learn one way to do things very well and then change if I want. I will try using the EI less techy and see how that goes, before I adjust for my tanks no CO2 and low light.