For Sale: Orange Pumpkin Neocaridina Shrimps 10+1 $40 Shipped


New Member
Mar 25, 2019
San Jose CA
I have these orange shrimps for sale. You will get juvies to adult.

Local contactless pick up welcome.

Water parameters:
Temp: 75-78°F
GH: 7-9
KH: 2-4
pH: 7-8
TDS: ~200

Here are some more pictures

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail (Express for extra charge) to the Continental USA. I only ship Mon/Tues to avoid potential delays over weekend deliveries. Packaging will include a foam-lined, insulated box. If you've had any significant USPS delays or issues due to the pandemic in your area, please let me know before purchasing.

DOA Policy
Live Guarantee with photographic evidence (in bag) within 2 hours of 1st scheduled delivery attempt. Refund or replacement prorated based on quantity minus applicable shipping costs.