On-demand RO?


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May 9, 2009
So, I've got a 50gpd RO system plumbed in my basement. It feeds the icemaker, drinking water faucet and a spigot behind my aquarium.

Problem is, a PWC on my tank takes a day and a half to refill using the RO...even if it runs non-stop...and I can't let it run non-stop or my wife can't make her coffee in the even and morning.

What I would like to do is have a resevoir of RO water that is around 50 gallons, so I can do PWCs with impunity.

Catch is, I'm broke. :D

How to accomplish this on the cheap?

My first thought was a largish bladder tank, but that turns out to be cost prohibitive.

OK, so how about an improvised atmospheric tank made of a Brute trash barrel? Cost is right. But how do I control it? I've got no issue putting a level control on the barrel to keep it full, but how do I provide pressurized water from it to the various outlets on the floor above?

Adding a pump and small bladder is going to be just as expensive as adding a single large bladder, so that's out.

Is the bladder even necessary? Perhaps a small jet pump or transfer pump, check valve, and a pressure switch set to around 20 psi?

Are typical (cheap) pumps going to be OK with RO water (I'm guessing not)?



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Jun 15, 2009
if you want it on the cheap, stick with a 50gallon container of some sort, a float switch to control level and a good centrifugal pump (the costly bit, try a shower booster pump from ebay) :)