Ocean Clear 319 and C02


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida
Hi all,

I intend to add an OC model 319 to my setup. I use a large trickle filter and sump now. Tom has written good things about them, and I do have a large fish load which will get bigger. Plus, I will be swapping my entire substrate in the next couple of weeks, so the more/better filtration the better. No problems now, but want to avoid them.

I currently use a Mag drive 1800 gph pump (1200 at current head height) to go from my sump to a tee for my dual returns into the tank. In between are the check and ball valves and that's it. Just flex hose.

My output from the c02 reactor is plugged into the intake of the 1800. This helps chop the c02.

I want to add the OC, but am concerned about pumping the c02 enriched water into this filter PRIOR to it going to the tank and the size of my pump.

? Will my 1800 pump be able to power this puppy?

? Should I power the OC separately with a different pump and leave the c02/sump pump setup alone? If so, what would be a good size for this filter?

I am thinking 500 gph min, but only because I have a spare one laying around lol

If so, I will then lose the misting I get from the c02 into the main pump. I get a great many small bubbles when the c02 is on from this setup.

? Should I switch the setup so that the c02 reactor is AFTER the OC and is thus added to the filtered water?

? Do you guys and gals see any other issues I may have?

? If I added a mazzei to the equation and dumped my reactor, would this be too much with the OC as well from the same pump? Would go pump to OC to mazzei to tank.

As always thanks in advance!