Nymphaea Santarem


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Dec 8, 2017
I got this dwarf water lily close to two months ago now. CertAinly a cool plant but then again I’ve always loved water lilies. It has certainly grown quite a bit in the tankni put it in and has sent out multiple runners/ new shoots. On the mother plant I’d say probably half the new leaves that have grown in have stayed short while the other half have grown up to the surface like a typical water lily. I wanted to cut back the longer leaves but figured I’d leave them in the beginning since they’ll help produce more energy for the plant. For those of you that have grown this for awhile, will cutting off the leaves that grow to the surface promote new shorter growth instead like I see in most pics of this? @burr740 maybe could help ;). I originally was thinking of just having the mother plant in the tank it’s been in temporarily then intended to move it to another I just set up. However if I could keep the growth short/ submerged I’d love to leave it where it is. Besides I have the baby plants from this that I’ve since taken out (gave a couple away and going to use the biggest for what I originally intended). The other tank I’m going to use it in I’m going for a more natural layout and rather the leaves grow to the surface in there


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Feb 16, 2015
Im not sure what effect it will have on how it grows (if any) but you can cut whatever leaves off you want