Aug 17, 2019
Kedah, Malaysia

I believe my tank is experiencing nutrients toxicity. I can see serious iron deficiency (new leaves are light green with dark veins & necrosis on the tip of older leaves), potassium deficiency (weak stem especially at the base & some melted at the base as well), calcium deficiency (root failed to developed or poor root development - root turn black) & maybe other mobile nutrients deficiency. All of these happening while I'm dosing micro & macro regularly. This is why I suspect nutrient toxicity.

A bit history on the tank:-
This is over a year old tank that I rescape after failed bleach dip treatment. The original plants have BBA issue that grown on the tip of the older leaves. CAE that I put in the tank eat almost all BBA but the leaves become damaged due to the BBA. The reason I decided to do bleach treatment because the new leaves when become older leaves, get infected with BBA. Turned out, my bleach solution is too concentrated & also I dip too long. Which is why almost all plants are dead. When I rescape with new plants, I started having issues like I explained above.

What is the best strategy to fixed nutrient toxicity? And how long can it need to recover? Right now I stop dosing ferts entirely. I did put root tabs (osmocote) in the soil a month ago.