Nutrient Deficiency What Am I Missing?


Feb 3, 2017
Can any one suggest what I need to do to solve this problem?
These plants have some small holes and on the older leaves they turn transparent and then melt. Some of the older leaves also turn a white-ish yellow color as well.
I purchased the plant on ebay, the seller called it hygrophila sp low grow. I don't think it the correct name??

I dose EI
KNO3 7.5 ppm per dose
KH2PO4 1.3 ppm
K2SO4 2.6 ppm
CSM+B 0.3 ppm
50% WC once a week, some times I'll skip a week.
CO2 injection
Twinstar 900s 6.5 hrs a day

6-16-18 849.JPG

6-16-18 859.JPG

6-16-18 860.JPG

6-16-18 861.JPG