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Discussion in 'Meet Your Plant Guru Team' started by nursie, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. nursie

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    Aug 25, 2006
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    Hello! My name is Michelle, I’m a 47 yr old married mother of 2 twentysomething year old girls. Yes, I’m a nurse, but have been behind a desk for many years. I’ve kept fish off and on most of my life, first as a child and later so my kids could have fish. I decided to get more into planted tanks when my youngest left for college as a creative outlet for my time and energies that had previously been expended running around after teenagers.

    I got into planted tanks about a year and a half ago. If I were to rate myself according to the “Stages of the Aquatic Gardner” article, I’d have to say somewhere between 1 and 3, perhaps claiming to vary between them all at different times. When getting in to planted tanks, my main interest was the fish, and my goal to provide a better environment for them by using live plants instead of plastic, as I’d done previously. I started out by reading books, and then came online. My search for information led me first to fish sites and then here, after Tom was so kind as to help me set up a fert regime for my first planted tank. I currently have 6 tanks going at home, one at work, and am thinking of others I’d like to have. I don’t aspire to be an aquascaper, but I would like to have visually pleasing tanks, much as the person who is no artist but “knows what they like”.

    This site as a great place to learn more about plant keeping, further my skills and hopefully be of assistance to others. Networking with other plantkeepers, both in person and on the internet is a great way to further advance the hobby, promote discussion and share ideas and plants.

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