Not so good start with EI

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Jean- Michel Touche

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Nov 17, 2017
I have recently starting the EI method, but so far not so good. I really believe in it and I am keen to find out what I am doing wrong so that I can use EI at work and at home
I set up a 60l tank about 2 months ago
And started to get some green spot algae on anubias. I thought it was a lack of phosphate so I started adding seachem phosphorous. The green spot algae disappeared but I started to have a little bit of fuzz algae
After checking I realised my nitrate was 0,
Also found out at the same time the EI method and went to buy the all set of Ada fertilisers as I thought it must come from a lack of fertilisers . No need to say that they are really expensive fertilisers and I was adding a lots . I then decided to buy dry fertilisers from aquarium plant food Uk
And starting dosing seachem equilibrium to raise my GH to 3 as I use RO water my kh is very low but I like it like that for plants like tonina. Also dosing trace elements, KNO3 and KH2PO4.
I have reduced CO2 to 3 bubbles a sec as I had to trim all plants really low to get rid of algae but will increase it as the plants grow.
I also have Ada light 150w metal halides on 60l so really strong light on for 9hrs
I am now starting to have fuzz algae
I am pretty sure I have enough fertilisers and maybe even too much. Enough co2
So my questions are
Is it possible I’ve added too much fertilisers as I have trimmed all the plants and they need a certain time to regrow?
Have I got too much light?
Or can you see anything I am doing wrong?
The EI make sense for me so I will not rest till I found out what I am doing wrong and any help would be really appreciated.
I have added a pic with the tank before I trimmed all the plants and as you can see it’s covered with algae
I will upload a pic after cleaning and trimming the plant to show that the bio mass has been really reduced and maybe I have to much fertilisers


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Jan 24, 2005
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I think the first thing I would do is change lighting, going to either a T5HO or a good LED light. It is hard work to use that much light and avoid constant battles with algae. As you learn more it may get easier, but lower light is always easier to live with. If you are used to reef tanks, you need to change your thinking about light. Soon you will find that lower light intensity aquariums can look just as good, and be much more healthy than high intensity aquariums typical for reef tanks.


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Aug 25, 2016
I love bright tanks, but it's a lot easier when you have lower light. What does Tom say, light is like the gas pedal right? Maybe try raising your light up a foot, reducing the intensity, to slow the algae down. What are your weekly dosing totals?
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