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Noob Comparing Kh/ph Of Tap V Tank Water

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by Jon B, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Jon B

    Jon B New Member

    Oct 5, 2018
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    10:09 AM
    I'm a green aquarist and have been experimenting around with DIY CO2. I have 7 tanks, but the tank I tested today is my 40 Breeder. I'd been noticing pearling and started to worry about co2 concentrations too high. I purchased a drop test plus test for KH/GH.
    I tested at noon, my lights and co2 have been on for 7 hours.
    If I'm reading the test correctly I have PH of 7.2 and KH of 10 in my tank = 19PPM co2
    My tap water is testing at 7.6 with a KH of 9 = 7 PPM co2

    I'm not sure tho. Here are visual results:
    KH&PH - 1 (1).jpg
    The 3 on left are TAP, 3 on right are from my 40 breeder, injected.
    KH&PH - 2 (1).jpg KH&PH - 4.jpg

    I'm not experienced and maybe color blind. I was unsure with PH result so I performed high range as well.
    KH&PH - 3 (1).jpg

    It looks to me like my tank water is testing at the lowest possible in high range and that my tap water is testing in the highest range on the normal scale. I assigned values as sated above, 7.6 tap water and 7.2 tank water.
    I have also been treating all water I put into tank with API PH down. I use 75 drops per 5 gallon bucket. I would like to start using peat and driftwood to control PH now.

    I'm super stoked IF I'm reading my results right. My co2 system is super backwoods.

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