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Sep 6, 2008
between Sac and Reno
Thanks for looking. I have posted on TPT and did not get a response.
I have trouble growing subweisertang. It looks like it is melting, after two weeks. My water is O, O, .4 , PH 6.5 The tank is 24" deep. I was going to wait to switch from Seachem to EI till I ran out of Seachem. Maybe I should just switch now (I have the stuff) Oh the tank is at 78. without CO2
I have been wanting to purchase UG and since it is in the same type of family as SW I am not sure I could grow UG. I would really like too and don't know what to do to fix my problem. Any Idea's?
I am going to ask Vaughn to come up and test my light to see if that may be some of the problem.


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Mar 8, 2005
Sebbersund, Denmark
Hi Crystal...

first Utricularia & Lomariopsis(süsswassertang) aren't even close to being related.
Lomariopsis does like CO2, but I've grown it without problems in non CO2 tanks..

You should have plenty of light if your signature is correct... 96W over 45G

It's not really a nutrient hungry plant so ferts shouldn't be an issue..

perhaps a photo would help.. :)