Nice Report!

m lemay

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Jan 23, 2005
Hi Tom; Nice job on your first report. I can't wait to start talking about nutrient reccomendations and the like. Can I infer from this that there is a hierarchy beginning with light. More light needs more CO2 which needs more Nitrates which needs more phosphates which needs more micros etc etc... ? I suspect the trick is getting it balanced out.


Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Nice Report!

We will discuss all the nutrients one by one as they relate to the water column and to the substrates. I have a list of topics I'll be writing the main article about each month. Nutrient recommendations are easy.

Why they work and how to explain the observations is not so easy. Relating a marine a, non CO2 and a high light CO2 tank is also something I'll be addressing.

Balanced out is a key thing. For a given light level, we need a certain amount of CO2, then NO3 or Ca and HCO3 in the case of Marine plants etc so on down the line.......the rate is what we should pay most attention to and the supply rate of the inputs.

The exports are the plants and water changes, filter cleanings etc.

What goes in must come out.


Tom Barr