Newbie Failed Dsm With Bga


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Jan 15, 2021
Brunei Darussalam
First off, I just started aquascaping and decided to use the DSM since there are limited availability to aquatic plants where I am. 3 weeks into the DSM and Im getting patches of BGA and I need help before it blows out of control.

My setup:

1. Elevated Rock scene design with ADA Amazonia and Ohko dragon rocks.
2. Using Monte Carlo and salt bae method by scattering bits of Monte Carlo around.
3. Chihiros WRGB2 with 100% intensity for 12 hrs.
4. Daily Misting and Air it for 30mins.
5. Filled water to the lowest part of my substrate.


1. Started having dry patches on the higher/elevated areas. So I focused more misting on those areas.
2. BGA starts forming and ive been removing some of it but its coming back strongee than ever.
3. Started reducing the light intensity to 50% for 8hrs but still get dry patches

Sorry in advance if my descriptions weren't clear enough. i've attached a few photos hope it would help. Much appreciate the help.