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New To The Site - Bgl Issue In Established Tank

Discussion in 'Algae Control' started by Ryan8, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Ryan8

    Ryan8 New Member

    Sep 13, 2018
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    2:02 PM
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for having me!

    I seem to be battling a BGL outbreak recently in my established 55 gal tank. Here are the specs:
    Lighting: 1 x dual t5h0 on for 4 hrs a day & 1 x 36" Planted plus 24/7 running the 24 hr cycle
    CO2: pressurized with a dedicated pump and sera flora reactor. My drop checker is a nice lime green at all times
    Ferts: EI dosing with Equilibrium on Sundays (50% water change days)

    I did some measurements tonight and this is what the results were:
    Nitrite: 0 mg/l
    Nitrate: 5-10 MG/l
    Phosphate: >5 mg/l
    GH: 300 ppm
    KH: 50 ppm

    I'm trying to add a pic but it won't let me despite the fact I have 4 posts

    [​IMG]IMG_0895 by Ryan Stewart, on Flickr

    Just wondering what is the best way to tackle this issue
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    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  2. rajkm

    rajkm Article Editor
    Staff Member Lifetime Member Article Editor

    Sep 16, 2015
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    7:02 PM
    Anytime I get any BBA I do the following.
    1. Large WC, remove old leafs with BBA, spot treat the rest with H2O2.
    2. Along with WC p, if I have too much visible crud on substrate, I do deep vacuum thru section of tank over next few weeks.
    3. Clean my filter and replace old sponge one at a time.

    The reason for doin those is that I am almost certain BBA is higher organics. So the first step is to remove sources of organics leaching into water.
    BBA just don’t disappear, so you need to spot treat them.

    Also for your plants the phosphate levels are bit high. I would make sure you are dosing right amounts.

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