New To Planted Tanks And The Forum


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Dec 24, 2019
Hello all, I have been keeping fish (both fresh and salt) for a lot of years. I had gotten out of the hobby for about 15 years while I was travelling with my day job. I had kids later in life and when my oldest was 3 (now 10) he saw my books and seahorse posters and wanted to keep fish. So we got some guppies, and well it all started again. My youngest (just now 9) likes fish okay, but prefers to be the 'techie' and so he is learning about shooting video and editing. Along our journey MTS has gotten out of control and we now have about 57 tanks, 65 different species of freshwater fish + 6-8 species of freshwater shrimp...and then a couple of saltwater tanks. And on top of that, we decided to start a YouTube Channel (3b Aquatics) to help the kids share and help others learn from more of a child's perspective. I believe the hobby has a lot to offer in the form of teaching appreciation for our world and a sense of responsibility both from a 'keeping' standpoint and an environment standpoint. So, through all of this it has been only the last 4 or so years that we have gotten into planted tanks and have melted a lot of plants learning along the way and hope to grow my knowledge by participating in this group.

Sorry for the long intro! :)