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New To Co2, Recommendations For Dissolution Methods.

Discussion in 'CO2 Enrichment' started by Doughnut, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. Doughnut

    Doughnut New Member

    Jan 28, 2021
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    10:10 AM
    Hey everyone, I've been a lurker for a while. I've keep planted tanks for several years prior to this but have never done co2. Let me start by saying that the noob co2 thread is great info, I really appreciate the input everyone had in it. I've got a Victor 250C that I'm building, Burkert 24v solenoid and a Hoke 1335F2Y valve. I plan on going to a Parker store(very accessible to me) soon and get it all plumbed together instead of going with Swagelok.

    I guess I've got two main questions:
    1. I can't decide how I want to dissolve the co2. It's a 20g tall tank. With the canister and a co2 tank, there isn't a lot of room left. Also, under the stand is a HVAC floor vent that I can't block. I was thinking about going inline to keep stuff out of the tank, but I don't want a ton of micro bubbles. Can you change my mind and recommend either a small reactor that I can fit inside the stand OR recommend a good inline diffuser that won't cause a ton of bubbles. I've heard good things about the Co2Art inline.

    2. Maybe this answers it's self, but I see a lot of the regrets builds don't have the bubble counter on the post body. I plan on putting a CV after the valve but see a lot of you saying the bubble counters leak. Is it better to put it further down stream and add a redundant CV? How would that work with a reactor or inline diffuser. Would I go ahead and mount it to the post body in those situations?

    Thank you very much!

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