New tank GSA


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Sep 6, 2008
between Sac and Reno
I am not sure if I need to increase something in my EI Dosing or what.
The solar car screen I have found is not light proof. The morning sun may be leaking through enough to give me GSA on the glass front. Wonder if I spray black paint on the back of the solar screen if it would not allow light in? I can I increase a nutrient? I think I would like to add iron for my plant are yellow. What type do I use? Can I get some powder local?
I am running my light for 8hrs


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Jun 8, 2007
Black paint works great to block sun, I have painted it on the side of tanks that were getting sun from a window and it did fine in blocking it.

GSA reportedly can be a sign of low phosphate, so you might want to try bumping that a bit. However that's never fixed the problem when I've had it, increasing water changes and having a good algae eater is what's done it for me, so my issue must have been caused by something other than low phosphate.