New setup Ferts, lights question.


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Jan 31, 2005
Dubai, U.A.E.
Hi all,

I'm tearing down my 124x50x55 tank, (which will be converted to a saltwater tank) and starting a new 90x45x45 cam tank. In my 4ft I have had soil/powersand for about a year, I will the first 3 inches, an inch above the PS and use that in the new tank, thereby transfering the bectaria/mulm. And I will use 2 new bags of 3L AS on top of the old soil.

I will be doing EI in this new tank. what I wanted to know was as follows:

1/ Shall I start full dosing of EI form day one?
2/ Shall I keep the lights low for the first 2 weeks?

I have followed the above procedure when I first did EI but without the AS/PS. Then when I got AS/PS I used ADA Ferts, which made me broke. So taking Tom's advise I am going to this time just use AS and do EI. Of course will full CO2 from the start. Lights will be 1 x 150w ADA MH and 1 x 36w 6,700K CF and 1 x 55w either 9,325K or 10K CF. CF is AHsupply.

I just needed the above questions answered. I will be using Zeolite in the filter. My filter will be used as is, which is well matured already. So I am hoping I won't have too much of an NH4 spike.

Thanks in advance.