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New setup, CO2 and more

Discussion in 'General Plant Topics' started by SUmiko, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. SUmiko

    SUmiko Junior Poster

    Jun 21, 2012
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    5:47 PM
    1st of all... greeting from across the atlantic ocean and congratz for this great source of knowledge.

    So after a few months reading and researching pretty much everything I could find in the web a few questions and doubts still hang around, some mistakes might already been made but I guess it's nothing too serious or that couldn't be fixed in the future.

    The setup goes as follow... and the questions later on

    Tank - 60x40x40 (24x16x16 inch aprox) optiwhite rimless, about 25G
    Filter - Eheim 2013
    Light - 3x14w T5 not really sure about the k on the tubes thou
    Heating - Hydor external 200w
    Sub - ADA New Amazonia + ADA Mekong sand
    CO2 - Injected
    Fertilization - E.I

    Plants - as of now anubias, crypts, moss and prolly some java fern

    Everything is already ordered but the CO2 system, as you know a dual stage injector setup is something kinda rare (in europe) and took me a lot of hours till I could find a place that had them for sale in europe, but before I order it and waste money on something that could not be suitable I thought I could ask for advice...

    For what I read any injector with the proper pressure could be used for our needs, in this case an Harris 896 or an Harris 996 each with 4BAR. is that correct?
    Planning on starting on DSM so I still have about 2 months to set up the CO2 rig...

    2nd question is about the light fixture, could I use some of the more demanding plants or am I "stuck" with the low light ones?

    Any comment, advice on the setup, things I should change and so are welcome.


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