New Nano Non-co2 Attempt And Questions...


Jun 7, 2017
Hi all.

I have a small nano 4 gallon that I've been attempting to establish for a 9 months or so and have been unsuccessful. So, I'm going to try again utilize the knowledge here more extensively. I've read Tom's non-co2 method article, of course, at the very beginning and thought I was doing everything well but I clearly did something wrong. So, I'm hoping to break it down and get everyone's advice as I progress through the process again.

Starting with the substrate and seeding. I have onyx sand and love it. So that part is okay. I have another established aquarium for seeding my filter media which I'm assuming serves the same purpose as the mulm component Tom suggests.

What about leonardite? Well, it seems that granular leonadite isn't available any longer but I did find this pulverized leonardite. Will this work?

How about earthworm castings? If they're boiled would this be an acceptable alternative? Maybe a mix of these two?

I'd appreciate your thoughts.